Highrise CRM and Contact Management: Review

Highrise CRM maintains a focus on helping you to manage three key areas of your business: Contacts, Tasks, and Communications. This CRM allows you to share contacts with your team, maintain your contacts and your relationship with them, create tasks, set reminders, keep track of emails and notes, and other forms of correspondence.

Intended Users

Highrise has a plan for just about any business. With a free plan, solo plan, basic, plus, and premium, whether you are a power user, small group, or anything in between, there will be a plan that is perfect for you.

This software is intended for use as a CRM and Contact Management system — with collaboration features, team management, contact management, and a “just-right” amount of tools and features, this software does not have unnecessary features or too little — like Goldilocks finding a bed — it is just right.


  • Cloud, Web
  • Mobile


  • Highrise App (iOS and Android)


There are a great array of feature offered by Highrise that makes managing contacts easy.


You can share everything or exactly what you choose with Highrise. Track contacts and communication so that your team members can view the status of any relationship or deal. You can make notes on a meeting, share emails during negotiations, share tasks related to a contact or project, and more. You can also mark information as “private” to yourself or select team members so you control what is shared and to whom.

  • Share address books
  • Store important emails
  • Attach documents and files
  • Control who sees what with Easy Privacy settings

Track Tasks and Set Reminders

Your new business pipeline will be clear — by creating tasks to follow up with leads and check in on your customers, you can do a lot for your pipeline with these tools. View tasks by contact, company, or project, and add reminders to your tasks so you never forget to send an email.

  • Keep track of important tasks
  • Get reminders via SMS or email
  • Assign tasks to team members

Manage Communication

Share and track your contacts and emails in Highrise. You can easily import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Excel, and from other softwares. This allows you to reply to important emails immediately and with the right information — all from one central software.

  • Send emails to contacts
  • Import contacts via CSV
  • Connect 3rd party tools such as MailChimp


  • Track new business deals
  • Add files to deals and projects
  • Attach emails to deals, contacts, projects
  • Add tasks to people, projects, or companies
  • Reply to important emails
  • Add comments and notes
  • Shared contacts and companies
  • Custom data fields for people and companies
  • Search and filter all your contacts
  • Tag contacts for easy organization
  • Simple data import and export
  • Integration with many 3rd party tools via API

Highrise Extras

The extras offered by Highrise offer you: Apps, Accounting, Support, Data Sync / Migration, Email Marketing, Form Collection, Mobile, Live Chat, Pipeline Management, Productivity / Reporting, Proposal & Quote Management, and Sales & Marketing.

Plans & Pricing

There are five plans you can choose from Highrise: Free (seen in the next section), a Solo Plan, the Premium Plan, Plus Plan, and the Basic Plan.

Solo Plan

Price: $29 / month

  • 1 User
  • Storage: 5 GB File Storage
  • Deals: Unlimited
  • Contacts: 20,000

Solo Plan: https://hello.highrisehq.com/signup/solo/new


Price: $24 / month

(Intended for small groups)

  • Up to 6 users
  • 5,000 Contacts
  • 10 Deals
  • 5 GB Storage
  • No per-user fees


Price: $49 / month

(Intended for intermediate user needs — the most popular plan at Highrise)

  • Up to 15 users
  • 20,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • 15 GB Storage
  • No per-user fees


Price: $99 / month

(Intended for power users)

  • Up to 40 users
  • 30,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • 30 GB Storage
  • No per-user fees

All plans features safe and secure features — password protected with safe cloud-management.

Free Plan

Highrise also offers a free plan — you can use the free plan as long as you would like. You can also upgrade to a paying plan later on if you require more cases, file uploading capabilities, more contacts, and so forth.

  • 2 Users
  • No Files
  • Contacts: 250

Free Plan: https://hello.highrisehq.com/signup/free/new


And don’t forget the extras that you can add to your plan that we went over in the Features section.

Check out the full list of Highrise’s extras here: https://highrisehq.com/extras/

Free Trial

You can quickly and easily sign up for a 30-day Free Trial of Highrise. All you do is pick a plan and sign up in 60 seconds. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Free Trial: https://highrisehq.com/pricing/

Contact Information

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New CRM for Public Affairs Teams – by Quorum Analytics

Introduction to CRMs – And Why Your Business Needs One

If you’re anything like us and many businesspersons, you have likely had to dig through your email inbox a time or ten to search for information for a particular, useful contact. Whether you have yet to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) software or have an outdated or useless platform now, you need to consider getting a new CRM for your business.

In the end, you will save time, your team will save time, the CRM can do a lot of the automated work for you, and can make end-to-end decisions simpler from day to day.

CRM platforms (in which you can read dozens and dozens of reviews of the world’s best here) allow businesses small, medium, and large to interact with people, partners, vendors, potential clients, existing clients, and more. This software allows you to maintain an organized record of everyone you come into contact with as well as a great relationship for long-term branding, marketing, and reputation.

This allows you to take advantage of the benefits nearly immediately — from the now to long-term business projections. Keeping in touch with partners, vendors, clients, customers, and potential customers is a huge part of establishing a good business and personal relationship that will help to establish your business as professional and trustworthy (not to mention efficient).

Many CRM softwares these days are cloud-based, which means you can get started immediately and you won’t have to worry about having a software installed on-premise (or the huge costs associated with that). Cloud-based solutions are great because they are cheaper, they don’t cost anything to maintain on your part, updates are automatically implemented, you can take your CRM mobile (and even off-line in many cases) on your smartphone or tablet devices, and much more.

In fact, not only is flexibility and functionality a huge plus with modern, cloud-based (web-based) CRMs, but you can access it from anywhere, in any browser with an internet connection. Your data is always backed up automatically so you don’t have to worry about data or information loss. You can allow your team to become users and you can keep track of their work as well, in one central platform. Also, many CRMs these days offer more than customer service options — many include marketing platforms (email marketing, social media), branding, analysis, and other additional packages.

Image result for public affairs

Public Affairs

Now that you know a little more about CRMs and how they can benefit any business — we at crmsoftware.org realized that there weren’t any CRM platforms built specifically for the needs of public affairs professionals — until now!

Before explaining who the new CRM on the block is, it is important to note that there are an incredible number of CRM platforms out there for general use, broad usage, sales, finances, legal / litigation, real estate, marketing, technology, SMBs (small-medium businesses), and many other specific industries and general use.

There wasn’t, however, a CRM that fulfilled the needs of an important industry that has a crucial need to keep track of a massive amount of people: Public Affairs.

Quorum Analytics

The intelligent folks at Quorum Analytics have decided to fill the gap in this area of customer relationship management software and they have used their DC-based startup which is well-known for legislative tracking software, to create a new product called “Quorum Stakeholder Engagement.”

Also called Stakeholder Engagement for short, this CRM was created by Quorum Analytics to service the Public Affairs industry. It takes the information that is traditionally scattered in old email threads and in spreadsheets and puts it into a central location, says Alex Wirth, co-founder of the company. “We’ve built a platform that facilitates efficient workflow and maintains your team’s institutional knowledge.”

Having a dedicated CRM for the public affairs industry is huge — this type of organization can really change the efficiency of a company and through the ‘trickle-down’ effect, can end up making workflow easier and make communication more consistent and easier to accomplish with individuals that a public affairs team is in contact with.

The CRM platform isn’t just for organization, however — this CRM features additional tools such as “Quorum Outbox,” which gives the user(s) the ability to send personalized emails to stakeholder via HTML templates. The goal of this CRM and communications tools is to help public affairs teams organize their information and stakeholder contact information — in addition, with the additional tools given in this platform, they can interact and strategize around that information, which can make all the difference in the world when approaching a contact.

The Quorum Analytics Team

Public Affairs Industry Needed a Dedicated CRM

The industry of public affairs is not one that can use a general CRM — it really did need its own industry-specific software and up until Quorum Analytics, there was no company creating the right software.

Wirth expanded upon this, saying that “most of the public affairs professionals in our target market are not currently using a CRM. The most common thing I’ve seen is people using an excel spreadsheet where they list their stakeholders and then keep track of them from there.”

This means that since no CRM was doing the job that public affairs professionals needed, that they just went without a CRM platform completely and relied on spreadsheets and manual searching to get their work done.

Not only is using a CRM for public affairs an upgrade, but since this CRM was created specifically for the industry, you will find that its functions, features, and tools will always be useful and intended to take on the challenges and exact needs of the industry.

The Quorum Stakeholder Engagement CRM platform integrates with Quorum’s existing software products as well, which means that “public affairs teams can keep all of their stakeholder engagement efforts with elected and not elected stakeholders in the same place,” Wirth stated.

Image result for crm


This CRM can benefit those in the public affairs industry who don’t currently have a CRM or are looking to get one that was created for this specific use. While many PA companies have had to use spreadsheets or have tried to adapt a sales or marketing CRM for their use — these are not solutions that work and can have an even worse impact on your company than doing things manually.

Now that Quorum Analytics paid attention to client needs, this CRM is available for the industry — you get rid of your ill-matched CRM or your Excel spreadsheets — this Public Affairs CRM is ready to make your job easier, more enjoyable, and way more organized.

Quorum: https://www.quorum.us/

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Take Your CRM to the Next Level: Integration, Personalization, and Customization are the Keys to Success

Most businesses believe that they are using the most of their customer relationship management system (CRM), and many admit that they know they are not but continue to use limited features and pay the subscription fee anyways. Save yourself money — and more importantly, use your CRM so that it works for the benefit of your business, like it’s supposed to — and take it to the next level.

There are so many things you can do to improve the use of your CRM. Consider for a moment that making a few changes in how much effort you put into using your CRM software correctly can pay off on a real and tangible level — why wouldn’t you use your CRM that you’re already paying for, more effectively, to add monetary value to your business?

Whatever your reasons are, there are a few tips below that can help you get the most out of your CRM and get a better ROI (return on investment).

Image result for personalize crm

Out-of-the-box isn’t enough: Personalize your CRM

Personalize Communication

While this first tip seems like a complete no-brainer, most companies still do not personalize their communication within their CRM software — they either download or sign in — and let the CRM do the rest. Take that extra step and personalize your communication in order to build customer confidence in your business/services and products.

Personalizing makes a huge difference in read and response rates — products are commoditized, so you need to differentiate your business from others — and the way to do this is by personalizing your communications with your potential and existing customers.

Knowing what channels a customer prefers to communicate through and leveraging the customer’s past history of service issues and purchases can make all the difference. Try sending customers proactive personalized emails on complementary products to the ones they may have already purchased. If you know a customer dislikes social media but prefers email (or vice versa), you can contact customers according to their preferences and increase your odds of additional sales.

You can also use things such as alert, which few companies take advantage of. However, in order to send alerts (such as sending a customer an alert email on a product they would purchase only when it is on sale), you need to do something first — have a unified customer record.

Image result for personalize crm

Unify Your Customer Record

Very few companies make sure they have a unified customer record — however, it is crucial to achieving personalization, customer satisfaction, and relevant messaging to potential and existing customers. Your CRM software should record every interaction with customers through any and all channels.

If your business systems are integrated, this is not difficult — but most of the time, businesses use one tool for email-based customer service agents and another for call center agents (and sometime a third for the marketing group) — this is too compartmentalized and your business only suffers when it is compartmentalized.

Integration between departments is a must-have. If your departments and groups are not sharing information or communicating, either due to internal waring or lack of system integration, then you are missing out on revenue. It’s as simple as that.

With system integration comes a more complete view of customers — a unified record that all employees and departments can pull from when needed. This is important in additional ways that may not be initially obvious. For example, if a customer had service issues on a transaction in the last month, you will know it would be best to avoid targeting them with a sales email or call — you can also send them complimentary offers through their preferred channels based on past purchases.

Remember, CRM is not just an acronym — it’s customer relationship management — the key to business.

Image result for upgrade CRM

Upgrade your CRM Technology

If you are sitting on a years-old CRM that was installed five or even ten years ago — it’s time to upgrade. Most CRMs haven’t been touched since they were installed and that’s a shame because the technology has improved significantly in the past few years. Not only do you no longer need on-premise installation but you can run the best CRM systems from the cloud.

With technology offering huge advantages such as social media integration, plug-in/add-ons, advanced analysis, marketing bundles, personalized customer services, and more, today’s CRMs are better than ever and more versatile to boot.

Common software upgrades include new mobility options, social media capabilities, proactive notifications, alerts, and other functions that will allow your business to better understand your customers and their shopping behaviors.

Related image

Integrate with Social Media

Social media is one of the most important additions to newer CRMs. These tools will let you participate in a range of social media platforms while keeping track of response analysis, receiving full monitoring, and tracking one’s marketing tools.

Once you add social media to CRM software, it gives you a great opportunity to communicate directly with customers and have them come directly to you based on their interests. The key to making social media work for your business in a CRM context is to spend more time listening — not messaging. If you listen to the trends, see what people are posting and sharing and liking, and reading your analysis right, you can then respond most effectively in a way that will bring monetary value to your company (as well as establish a positive reputation).

Image result for crm analytics

Add a Full/Advanced Analytics Tool

Upgrade or choose a CRM system that offers a full-fledged/advanced analytics tool. To truly get the most of your CRM, you have to know that you are hitting all of the cylinders with your customers. This means tactical measures such as marketing, sales figures, ROI, profitability, social media integration, and more. However, newer areas such as social media are more difficult to measure and analyze than sales figures and email tracking.

The best way to analyze is to employ a CRM with business intelligence tools — companies such as SAS, Oracle, and SAP are offering on-demand and on-premise tools such as this. To better understand your data and turn it into actionable information, advanced analytics tools made to analyze different areas of your business are crucial. Compare CRM softwares and cut out the ones without the analytics tools that you need.

With your new full-fledged analytics, you can then fine-tune your approach to specific campaigns, existing customers, and potential customers. This will increase your ROI on your CRM system and increase the revenue of your business. Just take the time to make a few changes when it comes to personalization, upgrading, and investing in your CRM.

Image result for crm business

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Greenrope All-in-One CRM: Review

What is Greenrope?

Greenrope is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that prides itself on being an all-in-one solution to not only CRM, but sales, marketing automation, and social integrations for businesses.

Intended Users

Greenrope CRM is best suited for SMBs (small and midsize businesses) who need not only an effective CRM but marketing, sales, social, and operations software and automation.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • PC
  • Mobile

Mobile App

  • iOS
  • Android

Greenrope has a fully functional and useful mobile CRM application that makes this software and using your marketing automation tools simple, no matter where you are. You can access your data and do what you need to do without being tried at your desktop.

The CRM app will automatically sync your data with the web-based client and it is free with all of the Greenrope plans and accounts.

  • Check in with leads on-the-go
  • Track and log CRM activities as they happen
  • Keep track of your events and meetings
  • Stay informed and on top of email marketing


Greenrope’s all-in-one software includes not only CRM (customer relationship management), but a Sales Suite, Marketing Suite, and Operations Suite.

Social CRM

The Greenrope CRM is the main system of record for most of the functions throughout the entire application. This software includes the traditional features and functions of:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Activity
  • Opportunity
  • Case Management

…that is supported through many CRMs, but it has the added benefit of offering integrated marketing capabilities and broad website integration. The benefits include a clear, centralized system that can share data in real time, decreases cycle times, and facilitates better reporting and customer relationship management.

Greenrope continuously expands their CRM to not only offer effective customer service and management but social media integration as well. With this CRM software, you can manage contact records, link your contact’s profile with their social network profiles, support viewing contacts’ social activities and behaviors, and other smart-features that allow your business to get smart about your partners and customers.

This “social” CRM supports social media management such as: scheduling posts and updates to social networks, as well as using a social media dashboard with a view of social activities. With separate tabs for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you can see more details like activity streams, searches, trends, and direct messages. This is great for having relevant and engaging conversations with potential customers and existing customers.

Overall, this CRM is best suited for SMBs who don’t simply want your typical CRM with email and chat support, but a social CRM for engaging with customers, seeking out new opportunities, and viewing trends as they occur online.

With this CRM software, plus the additional suites that Greenrope offers in this package, this is a more complete suit that not only includes extras that you will actually use in your business, but it ends up costing significantly less in terms of time and money, than purchasing separate software from different vendors.


  • Workflows
  • CRM
  • CRM Activities
  • Opportunities
  • Sales / Contacts Reporting
  • Telephony
  • Calendaring
  • Booking Calendar
  • Social
  • RightSignature
  • User-Defined Data
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Mobile CRM

Sales Suite

The sales suite offered by Greenrope is one of the additional softwares that is integrated into this CRM. Not only can you keep up with your customers and market your business via social networking and email, through the Marketing Suite, but you can keep track of your sales as well.

The features of the Sales Suite include:

  • Full Contact Management
  • Pipeline Visibility
  • Sales / Contacts Reporting
  • Telephony
  • Calendaring
  • Booking Calendar
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Social
  • Predictive Analysis
  • 360 Degree View of Customers
  • Full Sales Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Quota Management
  • Mobile CRM

The Sales Suite keeps you up to date with all of your customers, leads, sales activities, and follow ups. You will have full visibility into the efforts of your sales team from quota management, forecasting, and full sales reporting.

Marketing Suite

The marketing suite offers email marketing, templates, embedded components (such as surveys), RSVPs, count down timers, basic lead scoring, lead transfer of sales-ready leads,alert notifications, and more. It is unusual to have a unified CRM and marketing software system together. Email marketing is a feature that is flexible and incredibly useful — you can create email distributions from templates offered by Greenrope including: target lists, RSVPs, embedded components, and count down timers to invoke a sense of urgency. Upon distribution, users can send also send these marketing automation messages to social networks to promote your business or services.

Basic email testing is available using previews as well as spam detection (via SpamAssasin), which can improve deliverability rates.

In terms of supporting events management, Greenrope is actually ahead of the curve. This application can profile event-based campaigns and can support payment types (through PayPal) for: event registration, coupons and redemption, attendance tracking, and event check-ins.

When it comes to lead scoring, this marketing suite covers the basics such as designating point scores to individual pages.

This software does not go into the more advanced scoring capabilities such as multiple lead scores, caps on behaviors, or anything, but the basics are very useful and a great addition to this software.


  • Marketing Automation
  • Journeys
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Tracking
  • Workflows
  • Signup Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • EasyBuilder
  • Drop Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Email Tracking
  • Social
  • Print On Demand
  • Website Builder
  • Mobile CRM

Operations Suite

Operating your business does not have to be as complicated with the availability of software like Greenrope. You can use the Operations Suite to increase your operational efficiency so you can manage and run your SMB easier while bringing in components you need from the Sales and Marketing Suites.

This Operations Suite feature is integral for the day-to-day operations of your business or services. It will build upon the Marketing and Sales features and give your employees the data they need to bring in leads, convert them into customers, and keep them following up on clients and customers.

Sales members can leverage support ticket information to make better pitches or the marketing manager can use contact tools to fine tune email sending lists. This suite offers ticketing, project management, contracts, event management, and other operation components.

  • Ticketing
  • Project Management
  • Wiki
  • Learning Management
  • RightSignature
  • Event Management
  • Collaboration
  • Contact Tools
  • Shared Access
  • Online Chat
  • Mobile CRM

Greenrope Integrations


Greenrope adds onto their excellent range of features with a range of integrations that can be used with this CRM application. You can connect the Apps that you use on a daily basis through Zapier. This integration allows you to create Zaps to connect frequently used applications. You can also add new contacts into Greenrope in order to trigger workflows, drop campaigns, and more!

Online Chat via Olark

Olark integration allows you to install a live chat system on your website, which will synchronize directly with your CRM. This makes for better customer service and makes chatting with customers much easier and more informative for your employees.


The Greenrope CRM WordPress analytics plugin means you can easily track your WordPress website in the Greenrope application itself. You can power your website’s analytics with Greenrope’s tracking features as well as gain full access to blog posts via RSS feed that comes with the plugin.


With this integration, you can automate your Magento eCommerce with Greenrope CRM. If you use Magento for your ecommerce, you can take it even further and integrate it into this CRM.


If you use the popular GoToMeeting in order to host conference calls, online meetings, and webinars, you can integrate it with Greenrope and import your GoToMeeting contacts and events into your CRM application.


With the Greenrope CRM and the RightSignature integration, you can simplify how forms are signed electronically — set up your account quickly and easily and you can get started with creating custom signature templates, which can allow you to send out your documents, signed with your signature, in just a few clicks.

Gmail Gadget

With the Gmail integration, you can access all of your contacts and activities.


SendForensics gives you real time, preemptive analytics for your campaigns. You can email in peace and make sure that no spam leaves the system.

Print On Demand

Further, you can automate your print campaigns with Print On Demand. Every successful integrated marketing strategy should include this. 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Use it.


Your Greenrope account comes with automatic contact research on public-facing forms, which gives you instant data in your CRM regarding your contacts. This includes social media information, interests, photos, and more.


This integration is a cloud-based platform that performs thousands of risk checks in real time using advanced analytics and big data. This will give you some insight into who is checking out your website. In addition, when it comes to signups and forms, there were will be bots and fraudulent signups. eHawk researches and notifies you of these fraudulent activities.


Yes — accounting software. Another huge plus to this CRM software is that you can integrate it with QuickBooks plugin. If you use the desktop version of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, you can synchronize your data with this CRM.
Image result for greenrope quickbooks


Evernote has business card scanning capabilities and a notepad that can feed right into your Greenrope CRM. You can match and sync notes from your Evernote account right into a specific contact’s detailed profile in Greenrope.


You can integrate with Outlook 2010 or later with the Greenrope CRM software.

Salesforce CRM

You can seamlessly execute targeted email campaigns with powerful email marketing and automation. You can leverage your contact data and engage your leads and clients. Sync, target, engage, and convert your leads with the CRM.


There are a variety of plan options available — the price ranges differ depending on how many contacts you need for your business.

Each plan includes all features, an unlimited amount of users, and an unlimited amount of emails.

A custom plan is available for companies who need more than 50,000 contacts.

Account Setup

You can choose from two different, optional, setups for your business.

  • Standard Account Setup for $399
  • Premium Account Setup for $499

Free Trial and Free Demo

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial and view a live demo by following the link on their website and clicking on the “Request a Free Trial” or “Live Demo” buttons: https://www.greenrope.com/crm-pricing

Mobile Companion


  • Contact Form
  • Phone
  • Email

You can contact Greenrope’s customer service representatives by filling out a form on their website, at: https://www.greenrope.com/contact

You can also call them at 1-442-333-7577.

Their email addresses are: sales@greenrope.com and support@greenrope.com depending on what kind of assistance you require.

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What is Capsule?

Capsule is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that looks to make CRM simple by offering six core capabilities to run your business. Managing Sales Pipeline, Managing Relationships, Organizing Emails, Saving Contact Histories, Completing Customization, and Performing Task Management — these six core functions and features makes this software simple, smart, and easy to use from its cloud-based deployment.

Intended Users

Capsule CRM is perfect for SMBs (small-medium businesses) that are looking for a powerful but simple to use CRM software that will give you the core components to keep excellent relationships with customers and clients as well as perform task management, organize your emails, manage your sales pipeline, and offer you customization to fit your business and industry.

Deployment / Platform(s)

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile App (Android, iOS)


The Capsule CRM Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices. The features of this mobile function can be found in the section below.



Capsule CRM includes the following functions and features in both plans that will allow you to manage your business, manage customer relationships, market, and improve the efficiency of your business.


Contact Management

Managing your contacts is one of the most important parts of running a business, and this CRM has a host of options in it’s six-feature core that will do the job right.

  • Sharing Contacts

Share contacts and client information with co-workers, which will make sure you have one, single, up-to-date view of the contact. No more confusion or duplicate files.

  • Attach Documents and Notes

With this feature, you can easily add notes about conversations with customers, meeting outcomes, clients, and how the contact is know to you (a customer, vendor, potential business partner, etc…).

In addition, you can attach documents such as agreements, proposals, and other files.

  • Import and Export Contacts

If you already have a contact list and are just buying Capsule CRM (which is very likely), they make it easy to import those contacts from: Gmail, vCard, Outlook, spreadsheets, and any CSV file.

  • Categorize Your Contacts

You can categorize your contacts using tags that you can define yourself — this makes tagging easy and relevant for your business. Tag contacts as a vendor, customer, lead, etc… You can  even customize Capsule CRM to record information when another tag is applied. For example, “lead source” when a person is tagged as a lead.

  • Attach Emails

Track your email communications by sending emails from Outlook or any email client into Capsule. The email becomes a part of the contact’s history along with any attachments. This makes it easy to find in one location.

Tasks & Calendar

  • Create Standardized Process

If you have any standard processes (or SOP) like the way you approach a sale, you can configure these as “tracks” in Capsule in order to enable the same set of tasks to be followed for each case or sales opportunity. Each task in a “track” can be linked to a previous one.

Ex: A “call back” task can be set as due 5 days after an “initial call” task. This means that you can automate when tasks appear so you can keep yourself on track without stressing out about timelines and being late.

  • Tasks for Any Occasion

Create new tasks for meetings, phone calls, appointments, submission deadlines, and much more.

  • Link Tasks

You can link up tasks with cases, contacts, and opportunities so that it is easier to refer back to what the task was about – it’s easy to forget when you’re so busy.

Sales Pipeline

  • Share

Share sales opportunities with team members and co-workers for collaboration.

  • Up Front Summaries

Receive a quick summary of opportunities on-the-go through the sales dashboard — this includes: potential values, where they are up to, and what needs to be completed next.

  • History

Keep track of the history of an opportunity by adding notes and attaching documents.

  • Keep Track

Keep track of where sales opportunities are at — use milestones such as: prospect > meeting > proposal > won, etc… Each milestone is linked with a “success factor” that is used to forecast potential sales revenue. Capsule CRM includes a standard set of milestone variables that you can configure with your own.

  • Reporting

Generate extracts and reports from the pipeline using configurable filters.

Customize Capsule

  • Custom Fields

Extend your tags with custom fields that are relevant to your business and industry. If you sell to customers through partners, you can add your own fields to the customer tag to record who the introducing partner was and the date of introduction.

  • Customize Process

Customize the sales milestones and process.

  • Customize Contacts

Personalize contacts and users with avatar photos and tags in order to make each contact and user unique and easily recognizable.

  • Personalized Design

You can even brand your Capsule CRM account using your own logo and colors.

Mobile App

With the Mobile App feature of Capsule CRM, you can do just about all you need to do on the move. With up-to-date information, the ability to begin emails or calls from a contact’s profile, to data and contact history, Capsule Mobile App makes your work a lot easier to start even when you aren’t at work.

  • Syncing

Even when offline, Capsule Mobile App will sync any changes you make once you reconnect to the internet.

  • Manage Tasks Remotely

With the highly effective Mobile App, it is simple to know what tasks are upcoming and which are overdue, at a simple glance. With a status separated list, you can see what tasks are due today or overdue so you know what you need to get done next.

  • Comprehensive Task View

This allows you to actually create, complete, or assign new tasks to your co-workers or team — this means you don’t have to be at work to assign new tasks — you can do it all from your Mobile App.

  • Contact Management

You can access, update, and add data, even when you are offline. Start any emails or calls you need to make directly from a contact’s profile (or view a contact’s location on the map), directly from the Mobile App. There is also a great filter which allows you to search or filter tasks by tag or owner.

  • Latest Activity

You will have the latest information on your app, which is always kept up-to-date.

  • Data

You can view your history of calls, emails, and notes about any contact on your Mobile App. You can also keep track of sales opportunities and tasks as well.

Additional features include:

  • Vital Sales Pipeline Data at A Glance
  • Granular Opportunities
  • Quick Search
  • Opportunities Sorted by Milestone

Add-Ons and Integrations

What makes Capsule so great is that not only does it provide six core functions and features for a powerful and simple CRM, but you also have the option of adding on functions and integrations in order to extend this CRM’s functionality to your needs. Let’s take a look.

  • G Suite (Google Apps)

With this add-on, you can access Capsule directly from Google Mail. This means you can link your Capsule CRM contacts and tasks to your Google Apps account.

  • Accounting & Invoicing

Integrating accounting and invoicing add-ons is easy as well — you can add-on the following integrations to your Capsule CRM to keep your finances in the same place as your CRM: Xero, Freshbooks, Kashflow, FreeAgent, Billiving, and ClearBooks.

  • Email Marketing

What is a business without marketing? With the email list marketing add-on, you can integrate a ton of different services in order to gain new customers, retain current ones, and maintain great relationships with loyal clients and consumers. These add-ons include: MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Mad Mimi, MPZ Mail, and Wishpond.

  • Website Forms

You can also integrate forms onto your website for use by both yourself and customers, including: Wufoo Forms, Formstack, Ninjaforms, and Gravity Forms.

  • Website Chat

Online chat is a huge part of gaining new customers and helping out those who are having any issues with their orders or your service(s). This is an easy way that engages customers who don’t have time or want to make a phone call or write an email. This live-help avenue also saves you money and time.

You can add-on the following to your Capsule CRM: Clickdesk, Userlike, and Tidio.

  • Help Desk

In addition to the chat feature, you can integrate a help desk to your site, which is recommended for any business that sells products or services. You can add-on the following popular platforms: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Enchant, Help Scout, Support Bee, and LiveHelpNow.

  • Email Tracking

Knowing if your marketing is working depends on if you are receiving data that can show you what customers (existing or potential) are clicking on in emails you send them. You can add-on: Yesware to this CRM to track emails you send. Yesware is a service for Outlook and Gmail.

  • Contracts and Proposals

The following integrations and add-ons are available: Proposable, NiftyQuoter, Quotient, Magento with Cart2Quote, PandaDoc, WebMerge, RightSignature, Signable, edocr, and Direct Mail Manager.

  • Dashboards

For those of you who prefer to have your own dashboard for your cloud apps, you can add-on: Grappster, AppInsights, Neatly, SalesWally, and UnifiedVU.

  • Integration Platforms

Want to integrate other softwares? No problem! With Capsule’s integration, you can add: Zapier, Flow XO, Automate.io, PieSync, and Yoke,io.

  • Telephone & VoIP

For extra customer telephone or VoIP lines, you can add: Netfuse, Kixie, and Callmaker to your software.

  • Job and Time Tracking

TidyWork and Toggl can be added to Capsule CRM in order to keep track of your employee’s time on the job, as well as figure out time management, material costs, and expenses.

  • Inventory Management

Inventory management softwares such as Cin7 and DEAR Systems can be added to give you a real-time sync of your inventory, POS, and supply chain in a central, cloud-based solution.

  • Mobile Integrations

You can add some mobile integrations as well (for Android). call2CRM (Android) and Business Card Reader for Capsule CRM (Android) are options you can add on.

  • Migration Services

Import2 and Data2CRM are easy to use Migration Services you can add on to your CRM software by Capsule in order to import data.

  • Office Management

No problem! Office R&D is a software that is data-driven and perfect for coworking spaces that will integrate with Capsule right out of the box for an additional price.

  • Develop Your Own Integration

Capsule’s RESTful API can be used by developers to create some clever add-ons or to integrate this CRM with other applications.

Image result for cloud backup

Uptime and Backup

Capsule CRM has a 99.99% uptime rate in the last 12 months. You can rest assured that your connection will be there and your CRM fully functional. With your data secured and backed up on a constant basis, you can also feel great knowing your information is saved in case of a disaster.

Image result for uptime

Plans & Pricing

Whether you purchase Capsule CRM’s Professional or Free Plan, your plan will include all of the six core functions and features listed in the “Features” section above. The Professional Plan includes greater storage capacity, contacts, users, and offers integrations for a low monthly price.

The Free Plan is best for very small businesses, especially online-only and businesses run out of your home. The Professional Plan is great for small and even medium-size businesses who need a bit more storage, contact space, and integrations for financials and marketing.



Price: $12 month per user

  • Storage: 2 GB per User
  • Contacts: 50,000
  • Unlimited Opportunities
  • Unlimited Cases
  • Premium Integrations: Xero, Freshbooks, MailChimp, Wufoo, and More!



Price: FREE!

  • Up to 2 Users
  • Storage: 10 MB
  • Contacts: 250
  • Unlimited Opportunities
  • Unlimited Cases


Free Version

There is a free version of Capsule CRM available, as shown above. You can get started right away with this free version at: https://capsulecrm.com/signup/


Free Trial

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Professional Plan by heading to the following link and clicking on the green trial button: https://capsulecrm.com/signup/  

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