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Are You a Law Firm that Uses LexisNexis? Check Out the New Enhancements to their InterAction CRM

InterAction is a CRM (customer relationship management) by LexisNexis; if you’re working at (or the head of) a law firm that uses LexisNexis, you’ve probably heard of it. The new high value InterAction project will improve a variety of CRM functions and make it a more efficient CRM for your firm. LexisNexis InterAction CRM: http://interaction.com/ […]

Accelo CRM: Review

What is Accelo CRM? Founded in 2011, Accelo is a U.S.-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. This cloud-based solution is intended for companies or organizations that serves clients to streamline all of the client service processes into a central, easily-accessible location in the Cloud, as to manage work more efficiently, and manage staff better. Intended […]

OnePageCRM: Review

What is OnePageCRM? OnePageCRM is a web-based sales automation customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is used by small businesses to automate their sales processes and streamline it. With one-click lead capture from various sources (Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.), you can also integrate with a number of third party lead generation, financial, and communication applications for […]

Clevertim CRM: Review

What is Clevertim? Clevertim is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups — founded in 2010 in the U.K., Clevertim is perfect for a small company with limited but crucial CRM needs. Intended Users Small businesses, solo-preneurs, micro businesses, and other types of SMB’s use Clevertim CRM as a web-based […]

Claritysoft CRM: Review

What is Claritysoft? Claritysoft is a customer relationship management software (or CRM) that was designed for use by both small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprise businesses. This CRM solution offers full-service features such as: Customer Service and Support Sales Automation Marketing Automation Social CRM …all within one central solution. Intended Users Claritysoft […]

CRM Maturity Model

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is not always easy to maintain much less nurture. In the beginning, there are high expectations; then there is unexpected resistance and an unsettling reality; then, you surrender to some compromises; and eventually, you may use and rely on your CRM less over time. This is disillusionment — and […]

Freshsales CRM: Review

What is Freshsales? Founded in 2011, Freshsales CRM is owned by the popular Freshdesk, and is based right here in the United States. Freshsales Customer Relationship Software is a full-fledged online-based CRM that was made for high-velocity sales teams. Intended Users Freshsales is a CRM product for companies and teams of all sizes from SMBs […]

The Huge Benefits of Using CRM Softwares in Healthcare Settings

These days, customer relationship management software (CRMs) are in great demand among companies and industries of all types and sizes. The solutions and benefits of CRMs are clear to see in both for-profit and non-profit businesses, but we must remember other applications for CRM software — such as in medical and hospital settings. Large enterprises […]

Salesnet CRM: Review

What is Salesnet? Founded in 1997, Salesnet CRM is a U.S.-based customer relationship management software with a focus in sales and marketing automation for businesses of nearly any size. With Sales Force Automation, a full CRM, and a Marketing Automation tool, this software has what most businesses need with regards to a CRM software and […]