Kustomer SMB CRM: The New Kid on the Block

Kustomer, Inc. is a new, CRM startup that is based in New York. This year-old company has received $10 million in Series A funding that will allow Kustomer to further market and develop its CRM technology that is aimed at small and medium sized businesses.

The founders, Brad Birnbaum (CEO) and Jeremy Suriel (CTO), also found Assistly in 2009, as a provider of online customer service technology. Don’t recognize the name? Well, they sold it to Salesforce Inc in 2011, and it was re-named Desk.com. This helped the pair to better understand the realm of CRM technology and makes their new Kustomer CRM very promising.


Kustomer CRM

Their SaaS-based customer relationship management software is intended to help SMB sales representatives use different sources of information about their customers in order to interact with them better and form lasting relationships. This software-as-a-service will allow users to access a vendor’s technology through a web browser as opposed to having to deploy it on their own infrastructure.

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Since customer relationship management is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of a successful business, Kustomer, Inc.’s new CRM is something that any small to medium business owners should take into consideration as they shop around for a first-time or replacement CRM software.

With this CRM, a business can have a simple but powerful interface that will provide a full summary and understanding of their customers as real people rather than numbers and stats alone. Ditching outdated point solutions, Kustomer plans on this software model to better manage and get to know your customers in order to provide better services as well as retain their patronage.


  • Combine All Customers’ Conversations via Timeline
  • Track Events and Activities
  • Conversation History
  • Text Messages / Email / Live Chat


  • Custom Objects
  • Searches
  • Cross-Channel


    Cross-Channel Timeline

  • Personalized Messages and Communications (no ticket number and no “do not reply” mention)
  • Sentiment (Negative or Positive)


  • Snooze (Intelligent Reminders for Follow-Ups)
  • Collaboration (Notes, Following, @ Mentions)
  • Chat
  • Workflows


  • Reporting and Analytics


  • Integrations with Third-Party Apps

API-first platform integrates third-party customer interaction apps such as: Slack, Shopify, Segment.io, Clearbit, Mparticle, Magneto, Twilio, and more.

Watch Kustomer CRM’s Innovative Features in the following Video: 


Kustomer, Inc. says it will provide their new CRM technology software free of charge through March of 2017. This is a great time to try out this CRM as in January, they will announce their pricing that they will begin to charge in April of 2017.

Try Kustomer CRM Free: https://www.kustomer.com/

Now is the time to try Kustomer CRM if you have a small to medium business. You will be able to try out this software for a few months — for free — and see if it is a good fit for your business in the long run.

Take advantage of this chance, because the brains behind this software brought you a very popular platform and have since learned from it. This makes Kustomer a potential sleeping giant, and you could get ahead of the curve.


Funding and Financial Support

Financial support has already poured in by investment firms Canaan Partners, Social Leverage, BoxGroup, Boldstart Ventures, and Plug and Play Ventures, who have provided the $10 million in funding. In addition to seed funding of $2.5 million from several firms, Kustomer, Inc. has had $12.5 million to craft and create a brand new CRM software for the modern SMB.


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