Propeller CRM: Review

Founded in 2014, Propeller is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that you will actually want to use. With its main feature of deep integration with Gmail, this CRM is unique in that it can assist you and your team in closing deals without leaving your inbox.

Intended Users

Small businesses and startup companies that require a simple CRM with powerful integrations with Gmail.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web



Some of the features included in the Propeller CRM plan include:

  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Forms
  • Lead Management
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
Gmail Sidebar

Gmail Sidebar

Gmail Integration

The main and unique feature of Propeller CRM is its deep integration with Gmail.

With Gmail integration and sidebar, this tool is powerful and allows you to equip your business with modern tools to easily and quickly access your CRM. Did you know that 41% of a sales representative’s time is spent selling? This increases productivity and you can spend more time selling your product or services rather than logging data.

Email Tools

Email Tools

Email Tools

With Propeller’s email tools, you can track emails, use templates, set follow up reminders and more. Instead of having to check your email, you will be notified when a contact opens an email and tracks every time they see the message so you know when to follow up.

Reminders will ensure that your time is not wasted and once you receive a reply, it is removed automatically.

For quicker contact with different accounts, you can use templates with variable fields, so you can send a great email that has automatically populated fields.

You can create and edit things such as leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities, which will save you time.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management


You can easily manage your pipelines in Gmail by creating leads, opportunities, or changing a pipeline stage. You can do all of this from your email.

Morale and Productivity

Propeller allows you to boost productivity by adding notes or assigning tasks to coworkers or yourself. You can get an instant snapshot of an account’s history and share this information with your employees or team with Gmail integration.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard is intuitive to use and makes it easy to use with step by step guides. You can create widgets for any of your dashboards, you can create revenue forecast, pipeline, and likelihood to close. You can generate these in just minutes.


Multiple Dashboards

Propeller CRM allows you to build multiple dashes for business development and sales for current and future quarters. This can help you stay on top of your company’s progress instantly.


With Propeller’s beautiful design, you don’t need any more confusing Excel spreadsheets with complicated or difficult-to-read layouts. Propeller CRM’s dashboards automatically generate a nice, clean design for reporting. All components are automatically reformatted so that you always receive a clear look at your data.

Every quarter, Propeller will also pull the data into a report and create a dash for in-quarter progress. Automatic updating means you don’t have to go through paperwork every time you close a quarter.



Tasks and Activities

Along with being able to assign custom tasks, see an entire account’s history, and add notes to your team, you can manage your team with sales rep activity reporting so that you can see who among your staff are the top performers. These are automated in Propeller and takes out the guesswork.

You can also get your task list emailed daily so that everyone is up to date with what needs to be done. Upcoming follow-ups and tasks are automatically included so that you can get ahead of the game.

Using the Gmail sidebar (or web application), you can manage all tasks: reassign in bulk, open tasks, close tasks, manage activity, and more.


Reminders and Tasks

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are crucial to any business, and with Propeller CRM, you can do everything from cold emailing prospects, nurturing leads or simply keep in touch with customers and vendors. You can reply to existing threads or create a new email to grow your pipeline.

Add leads right from Gmail and move them throughout the campaign. You can also automatically pause leads who respond so you don’t end up spamming your contacts.

With this feature you can generate different campaigns for different industries and products. Use the variable fields to give it your own personal touch.

Also, it only takes a few minutes. There are no HTML templates or coding to worry about.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Plans and Pricing

The plan and pricing for Propeller CRM is simple: you can pay monthly or annually for the single CRM plan offered.

Annual Billing Option

Price: $29 / month

  • Gmail Integration
  • Email Templates
  • Email Campaigns
  • Dashboards
  • Task and Activity Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Free 1 Hour On-Boarding Session
  • Locked in Price Forever

Monthly Billing Option

Price: $35 / month

  • Gmail Integration
  • Email Templates
  • Email Campaigns
  • Dashboards
  • Task and Activity Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Free 1 Hour On-Boarding Session
  • Locked in Price Forever

Try Propeller CRM out today!

Free Trial

Propeller CRM does offer a free 14-day trial (no credit card required).

Free Trial:


Training and Support

  • Online Support
  • Support during Business Hours
  • Documentation Training
  • Webinars
  • Live Online Training
  • In Person Training


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