Prophet CRM by Avidian: Review

What is Prophet CRM?
Avidian’s Prophet CRM software transitions Microsoft Outlook into a CRM (customer relationship management) solution for business team and sales use. Prophet CRM unifies your email, contacts, and calendar data from Outlook, including sales opportunities, stages, and records. This allows your team(s) to capture and analyze customer data with a central tool.

Intended Users
Avidian’s Prophet CRM is a great fit for a range of different industries, companies, and businesses, regardless of company size. It is best used for small businesses, but mid-size businesses can effectively utilize this CRM as well.
Some of the customers of Prophet CRM include businesses from the following industries:
– IT Service
– Construction
– Manufacturing and Distribution
– Food and Distribution
– Commercial Real Estate Services
– Mortgage Services

For case studies of these companies, take a look at the following link:

– PC
– Mobile
– Prophet Mobile Web

– Cloud Hosting Available

– On-Premise Hosting Available

Prophet Mobile Web
Features and benefits of the Prophet Mobile Web platform include:
– Accessing contacts, opportunity data, and companies from any mobile device
– Secure login
– View, edit, or create opportunities
– Add data and time stamp notes
– Tracking activity types associated with notes
– Access and edit contacts directly from within Prophet Mobile Web
– Add or edit products and services associated with opportunities
– Call or email contacts directly from within Prophet Mobile Web

Prophet CRM is build inside of Microsoft Outlook and needs essentially no maintenance or integrations. You can access this CRM from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Sales Pipeline Management
This CRM expands upon the basic Outlook contact management and adds opportunity managers and companies — all of this information is displayed in a clean manner within the Outlook interface. Each record tracks sales activities as well as contact data for a comprehensive status report on the condition of a prospect.

Prophet CRM allows the sales team to find and use the data that is most important to closing deals. The sales pipeline management and project management capabilities are used by thousands of companies worldwide in order to manage customers, prospects, and vendors in a streamlined place.

Emails sent can be automatically tracked and saved within what is called the Prophet Opportunity Record — this includes emails sent from your mobile phone.

Prophet GridView displays deal information in a spreadsheet format that is intuitive and is combined with a simple filter, query, and sort capability that is similar to Excel. You can configure your sales pipelines the way you want to see them.

Mobile CRM
With Prophet’s CRM Mobile for iPad, iPhone, and Web, the CRM can stay connected to email linking and synchronization on the go. Use any Outlook connected application to send and receive emails as well as schedule meetings. With mobile, you can also keep tabs on tasks, contacts, etc…on the device you choose.

Sales Automation
The Prophet CRM’s sales automation allows your teams to make sales better and more efficiently by reducing repetitive tasks and notifying sales when to follow up. Prophet workflows execute specific Outlook activities automatically at designated sales stages. This saves a lot of time.
– Group email
– Auto-forms
– Workflows

Third Party Integrations
Avidian’s customer service team can connect Prophet CRM to front office and back office systems using integration methods such as:
– Scribe Online
– Avidian API
– Zapier

The Avidian team will work with your company to make integration possible as a part of your Prophet CRM installation.
The integration possibilities are nearly endless — Prophet CRM can integrate with external data sources such as Microsoft Dynamics, MySQL, OneDrive, Oracle, Dropbox, HubSpot, QuickBooks, SAP, and many more.

Full list of integrations:

Zapier Connects External Applications to Prophet CRM such as: Mailchimp, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, Infusionsoft, Freshbooks, Accounting Suite, Open ERP, and Zendesk.

Reports and Analytics
The analytics and reporting tools offered by Prophet merges data from Outlook and other sources in order to visualize what is happening within the sales pipeline. You can view forecasts, interactive pipelines, trended performance, and sales activities.

There are three types of customizable reports and analysis tool that are available within the Prophet CRM.
– GridView Reports
– Activity Based Reports
– Visual CRM Analytics
– Pipeline Activities
– Activity Reporting
– Sales Stages
– Wins

The Prophet dashboard gives each user/salesperson at-a-glance view of their daily tasks and pipeline. The sales automation function sends automated reminders to all sales teams in order to encourage prompt follow-ups. This CRM is customizable for a great match to each business’s unique sales process.

Plans and Pricing

Avidian’s Prophet CRM offers perpetual based and subscription licensing options for multi-user editions of this CRM. Subscription pricing minimizes upfront investment while perpetual pricing enables a lower total CoO (cost of ownership) over time.

Both pricing options include the cloud-based hosting and an Avidian guarantee of satisfaction.

Contact Manager

Price: $25 per user / month (billed annually)

This plan is for sales teams that want additional functionality in order to manage Outlook contacts.

  • Licensing: 2+ Users
  • Company and Contact Manager
  • Sales Automation
  • Outlook Contact Synching
  • Email Tracking
  • Quick Installation and Implementation (2 hours)


Price: $55 per user / month (billed annually)

This plan is for sales teams that need a full featured CRM that is integrated in tools you already use. This plan includes everything that the Contact Manager plan includes, plus:

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Opportunity and Company REporting in addition to Expanded Outlook Contact Management
  • Sales Activity Tracking and Reporting
  • Sales Automation and Configurable Sales Workflows
  • CRM Analytics: Visual Dashboards
  • Mobile CRM: Mobile Web Browser and iPhone Apps
  • GridView: Customizable Excel-like summary dashboards that are sortable, filterable, and exportable
  • 400+ integration options available
  • Role and department based access control, data-sharing, and control
  • Email linking
  • Cloud and on-premise hosting


This plan is for multiple departments who need to work together more effectively within their own department as well as with others.

Price: $75 per user / month (billed annually)

This plan features everything in the Team plan, plus:

  • Unlimited departments
  • Department specific fields, templates, and forms
  • Automated notifications with Prophet Instant
  • Data and record sharing access management across departments

Customer Support
The great part about setting up Prophet CRM is that Avidian’s professional services team manages each installation from the initial planning stage, to user adoption, all the way to post-installation support.

Free Trial
You can sign up for a free 30-day trial by requesting it at the following link:
There is no obligation and no credit card required.

Free Demo
You can also get a free online demo of Prophet CRM using the following link:

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