Claritysoft CRM: Review

What is Claritysoft?

Claritysoft is a customer relationship management software (or CRM) that was designed for use by both small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprise businesses. This CRM solution offers full-service features such as:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social CRM

…all within one central solution.

Intended Users

Claritysoft CRM is intended for SMBs (small-medium businesses) as well as large enterprises. This CRM solution was created by sales professionals for sales professionals.


  • Windows PC (Windows 10 compatible), Mac, Linux
  • Web Browser (OS agnostic)


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile
    • ClarityCRM Mobile


This CRM software offers Customer Support and Service, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Social CRM in addition to its typical CRM features and functions.

Account Management

The account management software makes it easy to share all of your accounts in a single place. Your sales team will have all data centralized, where it is secured.

  • Track activities, attachments, contacts, opportunities, notes, quotations, sales, and service for an organization from a single intuitive view.
  • Import accounts from Microsoft Excel or Outlook
  • Fully customize user interface to meet unique needs of your particular business
  • Segment your accounts for quick viewing of unique groups or organizations
  • Add custom fields to capture unique account information
  • Use account segmentations to create targeted marketing materials
  • Find accounts quickly by searching via custom fields, segments, and products / services
  • Access and manage account information from any device
  • Export accounts to Microsoft Excel
  • Use group edit to efficiently make changes to groups of accounts
  • Run out-of-the-box account reports or create custom-tailored reports

Contact Management

Claritysoft features a Contact Management module that will allow CRM users to import and unify their contact lists from different sources such as: Excel docs, Outlook, and QuickBooks. The users can also view contact location in Google Maps, which can help you to plan any sales routes for your sales representatives.

This module allows you to do most of what the account management module does (seen above), such as tracking, importing, adding custom fields, and searching, PLUS:

  • Send email blasts to groups of contacts easily
  • Segment contacts using tags like: Industry, Status, or Type
  • Create tailored marketing communications
  • Group edit contacts to change addresses, assign sales representatives, add value to custom field, and add to a specific segment
  • Display contacts on Google Maps for sales routes
  • Synchronize contacts with Microsoft Outlook
  • Export contacts to Excel

Activity Management

With this CRM’s activity management, you can centralize tasks, and make it easy for managers to work quickly using a simple management tool. Keep track of activities so no one falls through the cracks.

  • Stay on your to-do lists and tasks
  • Schedule tasks and meetings for other users
  • Create custom activity types and categories that fit your work environment
  • Send email blasts from your activities list to send follow-ups and brochures after an event
  • Import activities from Excel
  • Categorize activities for unique reporting requirements
  • Access your activities offline
  • Synchronize your tasks and meetings with Outlook
  • Print a to-do list
  • Setup activity reminders
  • Export your activity information to Excel
  • Use out-of-box activity reports or customize

Calendar Management

Use the online calendar or manage your calendar while you are offline. You can manage and share calendars across your organization and stay on top of important events, appointments, and tasks.

  • Quickly add meetings and tasks directly to your calendar or from contact record
  • Manage meetings and appointments from daily, weekly, or monthly view
  • Setup reminders to ensure you are never late for meetings
  • Allow access or restrict who can view your calendar based on the organization structure of the company or permissions
  • View multiple calendars simultaneously

Lead Management

This module allows sales teams to receive leads quicker using a simple tool to automatically feed information into pipeline reports and sales planning. Manage, organize, and track all leads. Convert leads into accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

  • Track all activities, attachments, and notes for a lead in a single, intuitive view
  • Fully customize user interface to meet the needs of your business
  • Import leads from Excel or capture leads from web forms
  • Customize your own lead quality system to track your best lead sources
  • Add custom fields
  • Group edit to change information, assign sales rep, or add values
  • Send mass emails to cultivate leads at any stage: New, Working, or Closed
  • Find leads by searching on characteristics, including custom fields
  • Export leads to Excel
  • Out-of-box lead reports or create your own custom-tailored reports

Sales Management

This module allows users to manage sales activities, both by evaluating and proactively managing. This is important to CRM. Track the products that customers have purchased from you is crucial to ensure a good relationship.

  • Track sales for all accounts and contacts from a single intuitive view
  • Fully customize user interface to meet unique needs of your business
  • Import sales data from Excel and other systems
  • Add custom fields
  • Use group edit to make changes to groups of sales records
  • Convert opportunities or quotations into sales
  • Add product line items directly from a price book or enter custom items directly into the order
  • Attach files to sales order such as: purchase orders or product specs
  • Out of box sales reports or create custom reports

Pipeline Management

Track your opportunities in order to improve sales forecasting accuracy and to ensure that no deals fall through the cracks.

  • Manage entire pipeline from a single intuitive view — forecast future sales with confidence
  • Create your own sales process to ensure consistent sales execution from your team
  • Track opportunities by lead source to understand where the best leads are coming from
  • Fully customize opportunities module for your unique selling processes
  • Add product line items from a price book or enter custom line items right into the opportunity
  • Convert opportunities to sales orders or quotations
  • Export opportunity records to Excel
  • Out of box pipeline forecast reports or custom-tailor your reports

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing functionality allows users to design email templates and to pull contacts from their contact lists based on preferences and filters. This module allows you to create and send branded professional mass emails to customers and prospective customers in a few clicks — all in a single platform.

  • Build graphically rich email marketing templates using drag and drop email designer
  • Create and share marketing email templates with organization and staff — help sales team to maintain a polished professional image
  • Create email from scratch or edit existing templates
  • Preview email as it will appear on any type of device — deliver a fully responsive and mobile-friendly email
  • Tailor messages for personalized notes to customers, including: first name, company name, or any other custom information you want to include
  • Search, filter, and segment contacts based on field and send personalized email to the entire group quickly
  • No mass email frustrations for customers — you can ensure your customers never know it is a mass email communication — with personalized emails and each email being sent out one by one, it is not a carbon copy — this will also help it to avoid spam filters
  • Track communication activity. Marketing email is saved under each recipient’s activity history automatically
  • Utilize email tracking to analyze sent email correspondence analytics such as: delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate, read status, and unsubscribe rate

Priced Quotes

Consistent pricing for your sales teams and books is important. You can offer professional price quotes to customers consistently every time.

  • Generate professional price quote in minutes
  • Track all active quotations in single intuitive view
  • Create polished price quotes so team can deliver pricing consistently and professionally
  • Customize quotes module to accommodate unique quoting and proposal processes at your organization / business
  • Add services and/or products directly from your price book or type in custom line items directly into the quotation
  • Run quotation reports for analytics and forecasting
  • Allow Claritysoft to automatically generate quote numbers for you or use your own numbering convention

Mobile CRM

Mobility is incredibly important in sales — your sales team can work on tablets, smartphones, and laptops in addition to desktop units. Your team is more likely to fully adopt mobile sales tools and skip local files or handwritten notes, which are inefficient. With Claritysoft’s Mobile CRM, you can be productive while you are mobile.

  • Access all CRM data from any mobile device. The Mobile CRM enables you to stay productive while on-the-go
  • Leverage Claritysoft Mobile CRM for account and contact management
  • Generate a price quote, assign an activity from any smartphone, and submit orders (use Android, iPhone, and Windows devices)
  • Manage your calendar from mobile devices
  • Update your pipeline
  • Dictate notes directly into the Mobile CRm
  • Map your contacts, accounts, or leads

Your mobile use of this CRM is completely secure. Because Claritysoft is cloud-based, this means that all of the information is centralized and is secure and safe via the security technology that comes with the software.

Offline CRM

Users of this CRM will also be able to access stored CRM data in Claritysoft’s Offline Mode, and then sync changes with the cloud when the software is offline again.

  • Access 100% of your CRM data offline
  • With the offline CRM capabilities, you can still price quotes, opportunities, meetings, tasks, notes and other functions
  • Work at client sites, on a plane, or in remote locations where internet access is not available
  • Offline CRM access will make sure that the team doesn’t have to rely on Excel, Outlook, or paper to capture critical data while disconnected
  • Changes made while working offline will automatically synchronize to the cloud once you are connected to the internet again

Access Control

With the role-based access control, you can control access to customer information based on your organizational structure. Control the info that your team can see and the functions that they can use and perform with Role-Based Access Control.

  • Use role-based access control to enable or disable record visibility
  • Use role-based access control to enable or disable CRM functions
  • Restrict access to sensitive CRM data
  • Create profiles for Sales Reps so only they can see their own data
  • Create organizational structure to define hierarchical visibility
  • Define profiles so managers can only see the data of those who report to them
  • Define unlimited number of role profiles and apply access control to each one
  • Role-based access control comes standard — no extra fees for this service

Outlook Integration

This CRM’s integration with Outlook makes it possible for sales reps to move between their calendar, email, and CRM fast. Keep these in sync through integrations — utilize the Claritysoft Outlook Plugin.

  • Save inbound and outbound email to your activity history
  • Synchronize tasks, contacts, and meetings between the CRM and Outlook
  • Send email blasts through Outlook
  • Changes made in one system will update the other
  • Outlook integration works out-of-box — no config is needed
  • Exchange Server is not required
  • Support for most versions of Outlook, including: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016

Quickstart Services

  • Set Up
  • Customize
  • Train Sales Staff

Plans & Pricing

Claritysoft CRM is purchased on a “per user / per month” subscription basis (SaaS) and includes free support via: email, phone, and web ticket.

There is only one plan to choose from — Claritysoft CRM describes their single plan and flat pricing as: “Enterprise capabilities, small business price.”


The unnamed plan costs $39 per user / per month, billed annually.

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customizable Sales Process
  • Quotation Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Price Books
  • Calendar Management
  • Track Activities & Tasks
  • MS Outlook Integration (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)
  • Offline Access
  • Tablet Access
  • ClarityCRM Mobile
  • Group Edit
  • Mass Email
  • Templates (Email and Letters)
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Microsoft Word Mail Merge
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Unlimited Record
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • MS Excel Reports
  • Role Permissions
  • Activity Stream Workflow
  • Custom Page Layout
  • Document Attachments
  • Free Weekly Training
  • Free 1-800 Number Support / Free Email Support / Free Screen Sharing Support

Free Trial


Free Demo

You can schedule a demo with Claritysoft CRM — according to the company, 70 percent of their customers choose Claritysoft CRM within 15 minutes of receiving a demonstration.

Schedule a Free Demo here:

Image result for free demo

Support / Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-888-838-7487
  • Email:
  • Web Ticket
  • Share Screen with 24/7 Support Staff (for both Windows and Mac support)

Contact Link:

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Intended Users

Hatchbuck is intended for use by small and mid-size businesses in just about any industry who needs better ways of managing their vendor and customer contacts, improving their follow ups with customers, and marketing their business to gain more customers.

Nearly any industry can use Hatchbuck to aid in their business, including:

  • Advertising Teams
  • Consulting Firms
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Sales

…and more!

About Hatchbuck

Founded in 2012, Hatchbuck is both a customer relationship management software (CRM) as well as a marketing automation software that focuses on ways to allow businesses to keep track of their customers, contacts, follow up and respond to questions, and find new customers.

This sales, marketing, and CRM software is great for driving sales, keeping the channels of communication open to customers, and nurturing prospects. Highly rated among users, Hatchbuck is certainly a CRM and marketing software to look at for your business.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web

Hatchbuck runs on both PCs (Windows) and Mac computers and is mobile friendly. You can access your software with any device with an internet connection, including tablets, smartphones, iPads, and so forth.

  • Mac OS
  • Web Browser (OS Agnostic)
  • Windows 8
  • Mobile Browser



This all-in-one software is a CRM/Marketing/Sales platform that combines everything you need to market your business, turn conversations into customers, retain your customers, and manage your contacts and relationship with your customers. From email marketing, CRM features, automated marketing, sales features, and social media, Hatchbuck also provides marketing agencies in particular with an alternative solution for small business clients.

The user dashboard will offer a real time insight of your business at a glance, which will allow you to make the right moves to increase business, sales, marketing, and customer support.


  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Analytics / ROI Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Management
  • Landing Pages / Web Forms
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Contact Import (importing from Outlook, Excel, LinkedIn, social media, company website, etc…)

In the marketing automation module, you have a library with 450 email templates that can be used as-is or assembled using the template builder. You can set up automatic emails for specific groups of contacts as well as track the progress of campaigns.

Each contact has a full activity history that is used to track communication and make sure that your team is on the same page and up to date with everything that needs to be done. You can even add tags to contacts for additional organization.

Your contacts can also be imported from: Excel, Outlook, LinkedIn, etc… while new leads can be captured from company websites, a blog, or social media websites with a very straightforward and easy to use Drag and Drop form builder.


CRM & Sales Features

With this CRM, you can remain organized with this Small to Mid-Size business software. Your business becomes more complicated as it grows and there comes a point where using Excel sheets, email folders, and a simple filing system no longer will do it.

This is where Hatchbuck comes in and offers a great alternative to expensive softwares and software that is bloated with useless features. Add any contact on the fly and check out activity going on in real time. There are also hot lead alerts when a prospect is ready to buy!

With organization like this, maintaining your business becomes simpler — it does not weigh you down with more information and issues.

Email Marketing

This feature will turn emails into conversations with customers and with Hatchbuck’s email marketing tools you can integrate this CRM with the data so that you can get a complete story about your contacts and customers. You can grow your email list, get new customers, build amazing email templates, and more, all to get your business growing and customer base booming.

Marketing Automation

With the automated marketing features of this CRM software, this automation will pick up the slack in your business. You can create campaigns that will nurture leads and turn them into customers or clients. You can email them with relevant and valuable emails until they see what the hype is about.

Intelligent actions and notifications are also used to keep the team on track and to make sure that no potential opportunities are missed.

Training and Support

  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live Online Training
  • Support During Business Hours


Plans & Pricing

Starting from $59.00 a month, you can choose from a variety of plans to suit the size of your business and needs. However, the great part of Hatchbuck is that each feature is included in every plan. You can also save when you sign up for annual billing as opposed to monthly payments. You also have a third option of semi-annual payments, which is unusual, where you can save 10%.


Solo Plan

Price: $59 (billed monthly) or $53 (billed semi-annually)

The perfect plan for freelancers, the Solo plan is exactly like it sounds. For one user, you can have all of the great features of Hatchbuck for a lower price.

  • Users: 1
  • Contacts: 750
  • Email (Sending): Unlimited
  • Quick Start Package Included


Small Biz Plan

Price: $99 (billed monthly) or $89 (billed semi-annually)

A step up from Solo is the Small Biz plan. With two users, you can double your contact capacity.

  • Users: 2
  • Contacts: 1,500
  • Email (Sending): Unlimited
  • Quick Start Package Included


Team Plan

Price: $199 (billed monthly) or $179 (billed semi-annually)

The plan that is great for a team environment, the Team plan includes:

  • Users: 5
  • Contacts: 5,000
  • Email (Sending): Unlimited
  • Quick Start Package Included


Professional Plan

Price: $299 (billed monthly) or $269 (billed semi-annually)

Great for larger team environments, the Professional plan offers:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Contacts: 15,000
  • Emails (Sending): Unlimited
  • Quick Start Package

If you need a plan that can support a much larger contact list, from 50,000 to 500,000, Hatchbuck can help you at the bottom of the following link:

If you are a marketing agency you can contact Hatchbuck about their Agency Partner Program:

Free Demo

Hatchbuck does offer a request form for a free demo.

Demo Link:

Free Resources

Hatchbuck also offers a range of free resources in order for marketing and sales teams to make the most of this software. This includes templates, videos, a blog, one-on-one training, and more.

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Freshdesk: Review

Founded in 2010, Freshdesk has succeeded in becoming one of the most well-known cloud-based CRM softwares on the market. With a range of powerful customer-driven features, this easy to use CRM allows companies to offer a seamless, multi-channel support system across the phone, the internet, forums, social media, email, mobile apps, and more.

Intended Users

Freshdesk can be used for all company sizes, Small to Large. This CRM has the capability and robust features to keep up with any size organization.

With over 80,000 current customers globally, any type of company can benefit from Freshdesk. For example: SolarCity, 3M, Hugo Boss, Cisco, University of Pennsylvania, etc…

Based on the affordability and features, this CRM is suitable for the hospitality industry, retail environments (brick and mortar as well as online), IT, insurance, utilities, and other companies.


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile

One of the best parts about Freshdesk’s CRM is that it is entirely web-based, and data is stored in the Cloud. This makes capacity nearly endless, the speed extremely quick, and allows flexibility in accessing this CRM.

The supported OS’s (operating systems) include:

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Unix, IBM OS/400, Web Browser (OS agnostic)


By offering a genuine multi-channel customer support system, this CRM can bring every customer conversation and put it into a centralized interface that is easy to read, easy to use, and organize. Your customer support staff can address issues and resolve trouble tickets with ease.

Customers contact through a variety of ways, from phone calls, email, contact forms, internet chat, social media, and applications, so Freshdesk makes sure that they are capable of helping address customer concerns in all of the ways customers contact you.

Freshdesk can help you:

  • Manage Multiple Groups, Escalation Procedures, Workflows
  • Multiple Products
  • Multiple Brands
  • Automate Multiple Processes
  • Automate Route Tickets to Appropriate Support Agents
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Timezone Capabilities

Customer Communication


With Freshdesk, you can also integrate with other leading CRM softwares including:

  • Freshdesk
  • Pipedrive
  • Insightly
  • Nimble
  • Pipeline Deals
  • Salesforce
  • Solve
  • Zoho CRM
  • Batchbook Social CRM
  • Capsule
  • Collabspot
  • Highrise

Social Media App Integrations

With the ability to integrate into other CRM softwares and over 60 tools, Freshdesk CRM is able to pull up customer records and see customer history in an instant.


Freshdesk CRM’s data center is EU safe harbor compliant and all plans include SSL Encryption to keep customer and company data safe. Servers are hosted in a world class data center with 24 hour security and surveillance. Freshdesk software is also continuously up to date with the latest security patches.

Plans and Pricing

Full pricing details here:

There are 5 Freshdesk plan available: Sprout (free version), Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest.

Sprout Plan

The Free Version of this Freshdesk CRM is Sprout.

  • Price: FREE
  • Agents: 3
  • Email Ticketing
  • Reusable replies with canned responses
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Custom ticket views
  • Add tags to tickets, contacts, and solutions
  • Merge and split tickets
  • Add public and private notes to tickets
  • Add watchers to a ticket
  • Traffic cop
  • Assume identity of other agents
  • Send outbound email
  • Export tickets

Multi-Channel Support

  • Standard Phone Channel

HelpDesk Automation

  • Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch’r
  • Time-triggered automations using Supervisor
  • Event-triggered workflow automations with the Observer
  • Multi-task workflows with one touch Scenario automations
  • Email commands

SLA Management

  • Business rules management through SLAs
  • SLA reminders
  • Escalation email for SLA violation

Knowledge Base

  • Email to knowledge-base
  • Ability to edit meta title, keywords, and description
  • Suggested solutions

Mobile Customer Support

  • Freshdesk for iOS
  • Freshdesk for Android
  • Mobile optimized HTML5 App

Ticket Forms

  • Customizable ticket forms
  • Dependent fields in ticket forms
  • Customizable popup and embedded Feedback widget


  • Agent and group performance
  • Export reports


  • Custom apps
  • Public customer portal customization


  • Single sign on
  • Single sign on with SAML
  • Advanced password policy for agents and customers


  • CRM Apps
  • Email marketing
  • Over 50+ Applications



  • Price & Users: $16 / Agent / Month
  • Email Ticketing
  • Reusable replies with canned responses
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Custom ticket views
  • Add tags to tickets, contacts, and solutions
  • Merge and split tickets
  • Add public and private notes to tickets
  • Add watchers to a ticket
  • Traffic cop
  • Assume identity of other agents
  • Send outbound email
  • Export tickets
  • Time tracking
  • Integrate customer satisfaction surveys

Multi-Channel Support

  • Standard Phone Channel
  • Multiple incoming and outgoing mailboxes
  • Add unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Add unlimited Facebook pages

HelpDesk Automation

  • Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch’r
  • Time-triggered automations using Supervisor
  • Event-triggered workflow automations with the Observer
  • Multi-task workflows with one touch Scenario automations
  • Email commands


  • Business rules management though SLAs
  • SLA reminders
  • Escalation email for SLA violation


  • Email to knowledge-base
  • Ability to edit meta title, keywords, description
  • Suggested solutions
  • Community Forums

Mobile Customer Support

  • Freshdesk for iOS
  • Freshdesk for Android
  • Mobile optimized HTML5 App

Ticket Forms

  • Customizable ticket forms
  • Dependent fields in ticket forms
  • Customisable popup and embedded Feedback widget


  • Agent and group performance
  • Helpdesk in-desk report
  • Export reports
  • Save reports


  • Custom apps
  • Public customer portal customization
  • Custom domain mapping


  • Single Sign On
  • Single sign on with SAML
  • Advanced password policy for agents and customers


  • CRM Apps
  • Email marketing
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Time tracking and invoicing tools
  • 50+ applications


  • Price and Users: $25 / Agent / Month

You receive everything from the Blossom plan, plus:

  • Freshdesk’s Integrated Live Chat

SLA Management

  • Multiple SLA policy
  • Multiple business hours
  • Product, group, and company level SLAs

Global Support

  • Multilingual Knowledge Base
  • Dynamic Email Notifications
  • Multiple Time-Zones


  • Product level knowledge-base and community forums


  • Ticket drill down in reports
  • Save reports
  • Schedule reports


  • Full CSS customization
  • Custom domain mapping

Automated Tasks


  • Price and Users: $40 / Agent / Month

You receive everything in the Garden plan, plus:

  • Agent collision detection
  • Facebook in-sync app
  • Automatic ticket assignment within group (Round robin)
  • Dynamic ticket forms


  • Performance distribution
  • Ticket volume trend
  • Top customer analysis


  • Customizable agent roles
  • Complete layout customization
  • Access to FreshThemes gallery


  • Custom SSL certificates (default free)
  • Helpdesk Restriction


  • Price and Users: $70 / Agent / Month

You receive everything in the Estate plan, plus:

  • Advanced Phone Channel
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Custom Email Servers


Free Trial

You can get started with Freshdesk for free for 30 days at:

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